Who we are:

We are an emerging and fast developing Contract Manufacturing Company with our roots firmly based in the electronic equipment manufacturing. Founded in 1994 in Silvares – Portugal, this Dutch Company has grown from a small home-based business into a progressive, efficient global entity with customers around the world. Today we offer a variety of products for a multitude of industrial applications.

Why Vascom, Cabos e Termómetros Lda:

We offer more than just a set of hands to put individual pieces together.

Our team of manufacturing professionals will guide the customer through the entire process and provide the optimum assembly solution and most efficient method to complete the job. By contract manufacturing to Vascom, Cabos e Termómetros lda the welcome results is that our customers can lower their overall costs, attain a better handle on their asset and overhead utilization, as well as keeping their inventory levels low. All this, translates into a “shorter time to market” and increased ability to respond to market demands and fluctuations without being limited by the manufacturing cost. At the same time we give our customers the ability to focus on their core business.

What we do:

At Vascom, Cabos e Termómetros lda our main business is ASSEMBLY.

We work with our customers to create customized electronic products and/or subassemblies for telecommunication industry as well as manufacturing high quality temperature sensors for the process and manufacturing industries.